Rubber for Laser

Ready.Rubber.LabelsReady Rubber for Laser is known for its high quality products used for stamp production. The company first launched a comprehensive line of laser rubber in 1998 and as a pioneer and expert in their field; the company continues to offer the most reliable and innovative product available internationally.

This wide product range which is offered in South Africa by Traceability Solutions has been developed to meet a number of special requirements when creating different types of stamps such as:

  • Self-inking Stamps
  • Art and Craft Rubber Stamps
  • DIY Stamps
  • Roll-Stamps

Ready Laser Rubber features unique side edges which have been developed for use with a rotary laser engraver. Traceability Solutions offers the following range of laserable rubber:

  • Ready Eco Line laser rubber
  • Ready No Smell laser rubber
  • Ready Standard laser rubber

Ready Eco Line laser rubberReady.EcoLine.WRL

The media, public, and businesses are focusing more and more on becoming environmentally friendly; Ready Laser Rubber has taken this into consideration with Eco line laser rubber, one of the company’s latest products. Eco line laser rubber is manufactured entirely out of natural components and as such is completely safe and free from harsh odours, making it ideal for engraving at the point of sale. Its unique properties ensure that it provides outstanding engraving and impression quality, time after time. Our rubber is unique in that we are the only company to offer a side-edge option.

Ready No Smell laser rubber

Our No Smell laser rubber does not give off any unpleasant odours whilst being engraved and was also developed to meet the requirements of our Eco Line laser rubber. It can be engraved and cut with any type of CO2 laser and its versatility is demonstrated by its high resistance to alcohol and water-based inks which makes it suitable for single and multi-colour stamps. The No Smell laser rubber provides outstanding engravings and impressions and is suitable for any type of stamp mount
Ready Standard laser rubber

Laser.Rubber.WRLAs the core of our product range, our Standard laser rubber was the first type of laserable rubber that we first offered in 1998. Over the past ten years, our Standard laser rubber has won the trust and approval of our global clients. Our Standard laser rubber can be engraved and cut with any type of CO2 laser and is the perfect choice for budget-friendly applications requiring outstanding engraving and impression quality for both single colour and multi-colour inks, whether they are alcohol or water-based. This Standard laser rubber is also suitable for any type of stamp mount.

Features of our laser rubber:

  • Size: A4
  • Pack size: 10 sheets per pack
  • Colour: Green (Eco Line) and Grey (No Smell and Standard)
  • Thickness: 2.3mm
  • Hardness: 53°± 3°Sh
  • Processing time: 40 ch /60 s (Standard) and 45 ch /60 s (Eco Line and No Smell)