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Double your cutting production

The opti dual laser system by Kern is a dual laser setup which will double your cutting production.

Just like the opti flex the opti dual is equipped with the Kern’s hyper dual motion package. This package includes high speed servo motors riding on a rack and pinion set up at each side of the laser table. A linear motor package is installed on the x axis resulting in smooth and accurate cutting results.

The optic dual features two lasers mounted on a single gantry. The second laser is connected to the master laser by an adjustable bar. As the master laser is cutting apart the second laser will be cutting the same part just inches away. Both lasers output power can be matched within the K-cam software. This ensures that the parts being produced are similar in size accuracy and quality.

For applications that require full motion of the tabletop by a single laser, the second laser can be disabled. Simply turn off the second lasers key switch, slide the second laser to the far left and lock in place with a locking screw. The master laser now has complete range of motion and is capable of cutting to the extents of the work area.

Kern’s opti flex laser cutting system utilizes one mirror for each laser head allowing easy adjustment of the laser beam and through the optics lens. Kern’s quality mirror setup will maintain your beam alignment over hundreds of hours of use. In most cases the mirrors only need to be adjusted when a new lens is installed into the optics assembly.

The opti flex is available in a wide range of working areas and features the same industrial table structure as the opti flex model. Lasers from 30 to 200 watts can be installed on the optic flex platform. If you’re cutting production parts, Kern’s opti dual should be your machine of choice.