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Which is the right laser for your application

We know choosing the very best laser engraver and cutter for your needs may be difficult. We have a list of guidelines based on application to make the process simpler.

These guidelines have been designed to help you choose the right Epilog laser for your application.


1) Best Laser Engraver and Cutter for a Small Business

The Epilog Zing 24 is a popular choice for starting a small business because of its compact size and incredible versatility.

The CO2 laser allows you to engrave and/or cut the wide variety of materials you will likely utilize as a small business owner, including wood, acrylic, plastic, leather, fabric, anodized aluminium and much more.

The Epilog Zing 24 also allows you the ability to add on a Rotary Attachment for the engraving of glasses, mugs, wine bottles, and other cylindrical items up to 5.25” (133 mm) in diameter.

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2) Best Laser Engraver for Glass Etchers

The Epilog Helix is a favourite for glass engravers because of the large z-depth of the motorised table. By moving the table down, you can place a large item up to 8” in diameter on the optional Rotary Attachment. When you want to engrave a magnum bottle of wine or a large vase, this becomes an indispensable feature.

Add on the optional 4” lens to engrave a table full of glasses. 4” lens elongates the laser beam providing a longer focal point, allowing you to engrave around a curve on wine glasses and mugs without needing to rotate the glass.

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3) Best Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine for Travel

When you are looking for a small, lightweight laser system for traveling to craft shows, tradeshows, and other events, the Epilog Mini 18 is a great choice. Having the laser on display at events provides an instant wow factor to your space, as attendees can watch the laser work on your products. It also lets you offer customizations on the spot, adding customer names and event dates to your items right at the show or fair.

Weighing only 32 kg, the laser machine can be moved easily. The powerful laser tube will cut through up to ¼” hardwoods and acrylics in a single pass.

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4) Best Laser Engraver and Cutter for Industrial Applications

When looking for a laser engraver to handle metal engraving, barcoding, and serializing parts, many of our customers look to the Fusion M2 40 with its dual-source capabilities. The Fusion M2 can be configured with a CO2 laser, fiber laser, or both within one system.

Engrave 2D, data matrix, UPC or any other type of barcode with a Fusion M2 40. You can etch barcodes onto metal tags to affix to your machinery or even place an entire piece into the laser using the large 40” x 28” x 12.25” (1016 x 711 x 337 mm) work table. Engrave one custom item or multiple pieces at the same time.

The Fusion M2 40’s large work area features Epilog’s fastest engraving and cutting speeds, and allows you to engrave the highest resolution images even at the system’s greatest speeds.

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5) Best Laser Engraver and Cutter for Work Spaces and Schools

The Epilog Fusion M2 is the smaller option in Epilog’s top-of-the-line Fusion laser series. It features a large work area that is ideal for your users’ projects, letting them fit pieces up to 32” x 20” x 13.5” (812 x 508 x 343 mm) on the engraving and cutting table.

The Fusion M2 uses Epilog’s easy-to-use print driver that lets you set up your file in any graphics software and prints it over to the laser in just a few easy steps. There is no complicated proprietary software to learn.

The Fusion M2 32 offers a variety of useful features. You can use the Fusion M2’s display panel to change the speed and power settings to find the perfect settings for the material you’re working with. When your users finish a project and have leftover material, they can use the Fusion’s Direct Print feature to run the laser directly from the machine’s control panel. They can simply cut off their excess material, so the next user will have a piece ready to run!

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6) Best Laser Engraver and Cutter for Woodworkers

Woodworkers tend to look for a variety of features – low price, easy job setup and generous laser wattage. This model checks all of the boxes, with an included Vector Cutting Table built into the system and a laser tube capable of cutting through 3/8” wood in a single pass. Flip up the rulers on the engraving table to quickly remove the engraving task plate and place the honeycomb cutting table in the machine.

By hooking up a small air compressor to the back of the machine you can also make use of the Mini 24’s built in Air Assist feature that will blow a constant stream of air on the work surface, keeping down flames when cutting through thicker woods and providing the best edge quality possible

The Mini 24 provides High-resolution engraving. With resolutions up to 1200 dpi, you won’t find a machine on the market that can engrave as detailed of graphics at such high speeds.

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Which is the right laser for your application?

You’ll want to look at your specific needs to find the model that will best fit your situation. Set up a one-on-one demonstration with us and we can teach you how easy it is to use the laser and help you find the right machine size and wattage to fit your budget.

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