We Are Lasers is a South African based company servicing national and international clients, specialising in flatbed CO2 laser engraving, cutting, and marking solutions.

Our expertise lies in delivering top-notch machinery for companies aiming to improve their efficiency and innovation. We are proud distributors of Epilog and Kern laser machines, catering to both home and small businesses and bigger commercial and industrial systems equipped with metal cutting technology for fabrication of then gauge sheet metal. We also offer excellent start-up options for new businesses and are experts in assisting established businesses in adding to your manufacturing capabilities with expert

Epilog Laser and Kern Lasers are well-known brands within the industry, renowned for their precision, excellent engraving quality, and superior support.  Both brands are world leading laser product suppliers and  offer cutting-edge technology.

Epilog Lasers

Epilog Lasers are small-format engraving machines for etching, cutting, and marking systems. They are affordable, stand above Chinese alternatives, are easy to use, more versatile than router engravers or milling machines, and faster than diode and glass tube lasers. They can quickly and easily create personalised wood products, engrave tumblers and wine glasses, etch on stone or plastic, mark coated metal plates, print on fabric and leather, and so much more.

Kern Lasers

Whether you are a sign shop, metal fabricator, or educational institute, Kern Lasers offers a range of solutions to meet your laser cutting and engraving needs. Kern Laser Systems is a leading manufacturer of large-format laser cutting and engraving equipment. Kern specialises in large-format fiber and CO2 laser cutting systems, and their machines can process various materials, including plastic, foam, acrylic, textiles, marble and metal.

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